Online Enrollment Access
New Student Enrollment: Account Request
This form is the first step to enrolling your new student online. Complete it to request an account that you will use to log in to a secure Online Enrollment system.
New Student Online Enrollment Guidelines
Welcome to Whitehouse ISD!
Please review these steps as you complete the application portion of the enrollment process for your student(s):
1. Every section must be marked as complete before the application can be submitted. Please be sure to enter all students before submitting the application.
2. Submit as many documents as possible as you work through the application.  If you are unable to submit any or all of the required documents, you will be contacted by the district to bring those to your child's campus.
3. It is critical that previous school information is entered to expedite requesting records.
4. Once the application is submitted, you should receive an email from "noreply" with your login and a link to create a password that gives you a Family Access account.  Family Access is a communication/information tool. 
Below are some features of Family Access.
1. Access to your student's report cards and gradebook
2. District and Teacher communication
3. Create automated Progress Report emails
4. A link to create a WISD Food Service account
5. A link with instructions to become a WISD Volunteer
6. Maintain a list of people that can pickup your student from school.
Elementary Attendance Zone Maps are located at Whitehouse ISD-Home, the Administration Bldg. and all campuses.
Campus Information:
Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade 
Cain Elementary, 801 Hwy 110 S (903) 839-5600 
Brown Elementary, 14600 CR 2191 (903) 839-5610 
Higgins Elementary, 306 Bascom Rd. (903) 839-5580 
Stanton-Smith Elementary, 500 Zavala Trail (903) 839-5730 

Sixth Grade 
Holloway Sixth Grade School, 701 E. Main (903) 839-5656 
Seventh and Eighth Grades 
Whitehouse Jr. High, 406 W Main St. (903) 839-5590 
Ninth through Twelfth Grades 
Whitehouse High School, 901 E. Main (903) 839-5551 
Bus Information:
• If you are enrolling in the district for the current school year and plan to utilize the district's school buses, please contact the Transportation Department at 903-839-5570.
If you are enrolling for the next school year and plan to utilize the district's school buses, please contact the Transportation Department at 903-839-5570 beginning August of the next school year. 
District Calendar:  
The latest district calendar is located at Whitehouse ISD - District Calendar
For additional campus information, please visit the Whitehouse ISD website at Whitehouse ISD - Home.
     If you are already a member of the WISD Family, please enroll your new student in FAMILY ACCESS.
If returning after a gap in enrollment at Whitehouse ISD, contact BickerstaffL@whitehouseisd.org to request your family access account be re-activated.  Then you can proceed with New Student Enrollment from Family Access.
Complete required fields below to request an account to enroll your students. You will receive a no reply email with your login, password and a link to begin enrollment.  If you don't receive the email, check your spam folder. 
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